Wednesday, June 29, 2011

AW177 "Circuit Death" T-Shirts - ARE HERE!

Hey all,

FINALLY! My "Circuit Death" t-shirts have finally arrived and they look awesome! I love how they came out and feel all the research and detailed planning have paid off! I'm a perfectionist so for me to feel these shirts are high quality means a lot! Here are the details of the shirt, taken from my Flickr, and you can buy them here:

Self-produced limited edition (50 pcs) t-shirt, based on my "Circuit Death" design.

This t-shirt incorporates a large circuit skull logo with an "AW177" hem tag at the bottom left of the shirt. You can flip up the hem tag to reveal the website "".

Inside the t-shirt is a printed inner label that gives proof of being a limited edition t-shirt and provide a comfortable feel.

High quality silkscreen w/ water based discharged inks printed on American Apparel black fine jersey short sleeve t-shirts; for a sizing chart, please visit

Each t-shirt package comes with signed mini artwork, silkscreen stickers, and mini art cards. Supplies are limited, thank you for your support and hope you enjoy!

*First 3 orders will receive a mini art book that showcases some of my artwork and custom toys!*

You can purchase t-shirts here:

So please, I would really appreciate if you can support me and purchase a t-shirt! They're great for the summer time and will really separate you from the crowd! Why buy a mass produced t-shirt that everyone has when you can wear a limited edition one? Thanks so much and if you can, please help spread the word!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Designer Toy Awards - Vote for Me!

Hey all,

Well voting is opened to the public for the Designer Toy Awards held by Clutter Magazine. I am very happy to have been nominated, but it would be cool if you can vote for me if you feel I deserve the Artist of the Year category. You need to register before you can vote; please head here to vote for me! Thanks so much!

Clutter Magazine Designer Toy Awards - Artist of the Year, AW177 Vote!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

AW177 "Circuit Death" T-Shirts - Arriving Next Week?

Hey all!

Long time no post, but have some great news - just heard that my t-shirts are finally fully completed and being shipped to me as we speak! It's been a long time in making them, from choosing the right shirts to the colors, tags, etc (think I may give a full report on my t-shirt adventure in another blog post). I believe I started this project in early March, so it's almost 4 months that it took me to complete!

I'm not 100% sure if the colors of the shirt will match my image exactly, but hopefully it'll be close.

For those that are interested in purchasing one, I am not sure about the price yet, but there will definitely be a limited amount; I only got 50 shirts done and some are already reserved. So if you are interested, give me a shout or a comment and let me know what size you'd like and I'll do my best to get you one!

I hope you'll like my shirt and please help support and cop one if you can! Pics coming soon!!!