Monday, March 26, 2012

AW177 x RAWRS Custom Dragon Lunar New Year Bitsumo!

A collaboration effort between AW177 (Allen Wen) and RAWRS (Dai Tran), this is a one-off custom Dragon Lunar New Year edition Bitsumo resin figure.

Bitsumo is a hand casted 4.5" tall resin collector toy. He has 7 points of articulation and a hand-tied mawashi. Metallic gold dragon painted on the back and completed with a slight gloss finish.

Dragon Lunar New Year edition Bitsumo will be on sale at the RAWRS store:

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

AW177 x SoSo Happy x Toy2R Custom MonQ - Mar10 Template

For those that are curious of my design process, this is the template that I designed and used to create my custom Qee.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

AW177 x SoSo Happy x Toy2R Custom MonQ - Mar10

I was one of the lucky artists invited to customize an 8" DIY Toy2R Qee in the fashion of the SoSo Happy ( theme using my style/look.

The SoSo Happy folks will take the customized Qees on tour to different locations/conventions for display. There is also the potential opportunity to have some of these Qees made into production.

I chose the character Mar10 from the Kiibots line. I added a few of my signature Chinese motifs, including the double happiness character in the back. Circuitry lines for the arms and legs and larger animated eyes. Gloss coat as a finish since this is a robot!

I would love to have this become a production toy, so if you like it, please let Toy2R/SoSo Happy know!

You can click to enlarge the pics or visit my Flickr.