Monday, September 27, 2010

AW177 Artsprojekt Circuits Black T-Shirts

A few weeks ago I ordered and received one of my designed Artsprojekt products, "Circuit Death 3D" on a white t-shirt. It was nice but wanted to see how it would look like on a black t-shirt, so I ordered another one on black and a "Circuit Harmony" designed t-shirt as well. They both finally came in, and I'm really happy with them! I may be wearing both of them at New York Comic Con 2010 this year, so if you want to find me, now you know how!

Also, the "AW177" on the back is a giveaway as well!

"Circuit Death 3D" Front:


"Circuit Harmony" Front:


More pics up on my Flickr: AW177 Flickr

Again, go check out my store if you get a chance! AW177 Artsprojekt Or go check out other amazing artists:

I wish I had more time to devote to it, but those are some of my products for now! Help a starving (ok maybe not starving but hungry) artist out if you can and pick something up! Thanks!!!

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