Wednesday, January 12, 2011

"Koi" Poster on The Poster Cause Project

Hey all!

Long time no updates! It's been tough to update and/or work on new projects while juggling new father responsibilities! My baby girl is doing well, she's a handful right now, but my wife and I are making it work! Hopefully things will go easier as time goes on!

Anyway, wanted to give a quick AW177 update - my poster that I designed for the Poster Cause Project is now available for purchase! The Poster Cause Project is an online effort to sell and promote artwork by underground artists in a very limited form all while donating 50% of ALL profits to charities and organizations in need.

- 12" X 18"
- Limited to 25 Prints
- Printed on 100# Standard White Stock

Please support and go buy one!

Again, thank you to all for the support! Peace for now!

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