Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Work in Progress (WIP) Pics - Artoyz Elements Earth!

Been working on this complex design custom for a little bit now, and w/ the consent of the owner, allowed me to post some work in progress (WIP) pics of it. Decided to do this so show how I work, how meticulous I am, and what goes into each AW177 art toy. Hope you like it and enjoy!

Artoyz Elements Earth - Dragon vs. Phoenix

After some time to come up w/ a nice design on computer, I translate that design onto the toy w/ pencil. The Dragon side has already been added and covered w/ paper, and this is the in-progress Phoenix side:

You can see the Dragon side visible through the paper:

This is the completed pencil side of the Phoenix:

After penciling the design in, I go over it again w/ a black Sharpie:

This is the completed black Sharpie side of the Dragon:

Will work on the Phoenix side today; big props to the patient owner of this piece and more WIP pics to come! Stay tuned!

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