Friday, June 11, 2010

Work in Progress (WIP) Pics - Artoyz Elements Earth Part 5!

Friday afternoon update - most people are probably waiting till 5pm to run out the door for the weekend, and here I am updating my blog w/ my latest WIP pics! Sorry for the late update, but better late than never. Here we go:

Last update I finished half of the dragon outlines and the scales; I wanted to clean up the scales a bit, so started doing that and finishing more of the outlines:

After some time being picky w/ the scales and outlining, I finally finish the dragon:

I start outlining the other elements: blossoms, waves, etc:

I should note that I also went over some of the colors 2x to make sure they are filled in and bright. That's how I roll!

I finally got my favorite masking tape in and started to mask out the black background areas - this is to just make the lines nice and straight. I masked out 2x for each line - 2 tapes to make the white lines, then 2x more for the black areas:

This is a very tedious process, which I honestly hate sometimes. I feel I can probably just free marker it in, but being the picky guy I am, feel it's not good enough. ARGH!

Here you can see how I use the masking tape to color in the black areas:

FINALLY, after some hours and days, this is the completed dragon side:

So this is my progress for these past few days! I hope you enjoyed this session! Almost done w/ this custom! I don't know how some of the other artists out there get customs done so fast, but guess mine is just a tedious and long process! Hope you enjoyed this session, more next time!

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