Sunday, July 31, 2011

AW177 + Tenacious Toys "Rise of the Dragon" Custom 5" Toy2R Mini Qee

Hey all!

Benny of Tenacious Toys ( was kind enough to give me 3 Toy2R mini Qees to customize. Taking the iconic Toy2R Bear Qee to work on first, I created a new Chinese dragon on the front and the words Good Luck on the back. It has a monotone paint scheme of black, white and grey, but with a touch of bright red in it. I also coated it in a matte varnish, when I usually do all my custom toys in a gloss varnish.

I wanted to step away from my usual style of brightly colored, 'all over' complex designs and just step back and do something a bit simpler.

Some more pics can be viewed at my Flickr site: AW177 Flickr

This will be sold on the Tenacious Toys website at AW177 Rise of the Dragon so if you're interested in purchasing it, go over there! Thanks all!

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