Monday, October 4, 2010

AW177 New Customs for New York Comic Con 2010!

Wow. I haven't posted this much stuff in a long time. For those that have seen my collabo Terra Cotta Mad*Ls (one more to be revealed), I also have other customs that will be displayed and sold at NYCC, at the Tenacious Toys booth.

These customs are different from my usual style, less 'cartoony' and used different techniques to create them. I believe in changing your art style here and there, to keep the fans on their toes and to always try out new and different styles; why keep doing the same thing over and over?

Anyway, hope you enjoy!

"Lucky" Miao & Mousubi AW177 Custom Vinyl Figure:

An old favorite of mine, from the "Power Arts for Power Up" Show, "Circuitz"!

More pics up on my Flickr: AW177 Flickr

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