Friday, October 8, 2010

See You at NYCC @ Tenacious Toys Booth!

Night before Comic Con! My first one, very exciting! I'm heading down tomorrow, October 9 to bring my customs to Benny at the Tenacious Toys booth and then chillin' there for a bit before walking around the con! Hope to meet some of you there! As a reminder, here's what I have going on at the con:

Customs up for sale are:
- 3 collaboration Mad*L customs
- "Circuitz" Mr. Power custom
- "Lucky" Miao & Mousubi customs

Items to be given away are:
- AW177 MiniCards: stop by on my signing day/time and ask for one of my minicards! One per customer please!
- AW177 "Circuit Harmony" art postcard: there will only be a limited amound of postcards to be given away during my signing time/date; come by, ask for one, and I'll sign it for you!

I'm not really a sketch artist, so if you come by and ask for a sketch, I may do something funky, but I'll try to come up w/ something!

I'll be wearing this shirt tomorrow, so you'll know how I look like! If you see me, say what up!

Thanks all!

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